Launch of the Travellers Tales

Welcome to our new and exciting Dancing Bear Inn Travellers Blog!

Have you stayed with us at the Dancing Bear Inn during our 22 years of being in business? Maybe you are a returning customer with a few Travelling Tales you would like to share. 

We are looking for funny, quirky or even strange stories that you would like to reveal during your stay with us while visiting our beautiful town Nelson BC. Now is the time to proclaim your love for the girl you met that one dreamy summer day at the beach, or perhaps you had the best powder day up at the local ski hill.

Our hopes are to post your original content with minimal changes 🙂 If you would like to submit a photo, we would be thrilled to check it out. We will do our best to leave your masterpiece in its original layout, but some tweaks may be made if needed (for photos as well). 

Also, feel free to expand further than just our Hostel. If you have praises for another business in town, we would love to hear and share it (community driven)!

Submit your posts to:

Contests and giveaways will be given out regularly for our faves!

Thank you kindly,
The Pillow Fluffer xo


  • Jillian Llewelyn-Smith January 19, 2018 at 7:04 am

    We sure have!!! I don’t know where to start really. Our journey to Nelson and the Kootenays from Australia was to meet our son Nick’s beautiful friends we now call ‘family’, walk in his footsteps and be where he had tragically lost his life at Bannock Point 12 months earlier.
    Erica was managing The Dancing Bear Inn at the time and had also been a close friend of Nick’s. We based ourselves in magical Nelson between side trips and felt we were coming ‘home’ each time. Erica and Dennis, who had spent 3 months in our area during his Aussie venture, were so welcoming and helped ease the pain of our journey. We spent a lot of time together and became close friends. Erica has stayed with us on a number of accasions in 2017-2018 during her time in Australia. We had her with us only a couple of weeks ago before she returned to Canada.
    We have recommended The Dancing Bear Inn to a number of friends and plan to return. We feel such a connection to your beautiful area.
    You provide a wonderful home away from home for travellers and we now have an extended family of young ones we met there.

  • Jillian,

    Thank you for your lovely post. I’d be thrilled to make your comment a blogpost on our website with your blessing of course!

    We are so thrilled that the Bear and the staff were able to give a feeling of home and comfort during your travels. We’d be so thrilled to have you back and are so very grateful for your referrals and high regards of the Dancing Bear Inn.

    Wishing you a lovely year and am looking forward to meeting you!


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